A Blog Recommendation

I’ve been excited all week to crochet a Ravelry pattern that I’d had on deck for a while. Because I compulsively overbuy yarn, I had enough of exactly the yarn, in the right color, to make this long-sleeved shrug. The pattern is on the designer, Michelle’s, blog:

Michelle's no-sew shrug, a free pattern through ravelry.com, available on her blog.

The no-sew lightweight shrug. Photo by Michelle of http://www.thepaintedhinge.com

So far, I’ve only gotten most of the way through a sleeve, but the directions are clear and it’s working up nicely:

shrug sleeve

It’s so pretty that I looked into the designer, Michelle, and was thrilled to see that she has about a dozen other patterns, all free on Ravelry and her blog. Speaking of her blog, she posts about all kinds of fun DIY projects, everything from crochet to cooking to gardening. So far, I’ve made myself a pair of cotton booties, which are as cute as they sound, but sturdy. They feel like a mini foot massage with each step you take!

cotton bootie

So check out her work when you have a chance over at http://www.thepaintedhinge.com, and happy crafting!



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