Mary Jane Slippers – Another pattern favorite!

Last time, I featured my favorite pattern. But if your feet were jealous, fear not! 😉

This pattern is by Lisa Gutierrez, titled Mary Jane Slippers, and they are delightful. They are very comfortable, you can customize them with contrasting colors and buttons, and the weave of stitches under the sole of your foot feels like a continuous massage as you walk. Like, I said, delightful! And even better, it’s free.

You will need a small amount of worsted weight yarn, around 3 oz., plus a little bit of contrasting yarn for the last two rounds and closure. While you can alternatively permanently attach the strap, it looks really nice with a neat button. It’s a great way to use up those few neat-looking buttons you’ve had sitting around, waiting for the right project.

Here is my version of her slippers:

Mary Jane Slippers made in some of my favorite colors.

Mary Jane Slippers in some of my favorite colors.

I found Lisa’s pattern easy to follow. It’s a pdf with excellent pictures detailing each step. A few alterations you can make if you are feeling playful or creative (imagine that, us, creative?) are:

  • Instead of working the strap across your foot as a loop, just permanently attach it. You could leave the button off this way if you wished.
  • For the bottom of the slipper, try holding stretchy .5mm or .7mm bead and jewelry cord (like Stretch Magic, which is what I happened to have around) with the yarn for the middle of each of those rows. The only downside to these slippers is they can be slightly slippery on hard smooth floors, and I think this would eliminate that potential problem.

Enjoy the pattern. Let me know what you think of it!



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